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Children's Tooth Development

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3 – 4 months

You will notice the first signs that your baby’s teeth are preparing to break through the gum surface – this is called “eruption”.  These signs include: irritability, redness, and sleeplessness.  To relieve teething pain, let your baby chew on a teething ring or similar object.  It may help if it is chilled in the fridge first.

6 – 12 months

Your baby’s first tooth will erupt – initially one of the four front teeth known as incisors, the lower teeth usually appear first, followed by the others.  Start to use a small, soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your baby’s teeth mornings and before bedtime.  Be very gentle and try to make a game of it.

12 – 18 months

The remainder of the front teeth will erupt.  The first molars often then come through before the canines, so when you look you might see four teeth at the front then a space and then some more teeth further back.  Wean your child from bottles by this age – doing so will help prevent “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay”

12 – 24 months

The canine and first molar baby teeth will erupt, as well as the second molars.  All the baby “deciduous” teeth should have erupted by this stage.  You can begin to teach your child to brush.  The easiest teeth for your child to clean are the front teeth, especially the outsides.  Continue to help your child when brushing.

3 – 5 years

All baby teeth should have come in and the permanent teeth are preparing to erupt.  Your child will still need help with brushing, especially the inner surfaces of the teeth furthest back in the mouth.  Let them brush first then finish off yourself.

5+ years

Your child will lose their baby teeth, and permanent teeth begin to come in. This is when young children can develop good oral health habits – help to teach them the proper techniques, check that they are cleaning their teeth thoroughly.  Your child may be able to brush their teeth without help, but still need supervision and prompting.  We recommend finishing off brushing for children up to 8 – 10 years. Remember that these teeth are to last a life time and must be cared for.

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dentist bedale, dentists in bedale, cosmetic dentist bedale

dentist bedale, dentists in bedale, cosmetic dentist bedale